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Architectural Visualization

Dane Howard runs a collaborative studio for design and fine art. After being a seasoned design executive in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, he and his wife built a custom Modern Farmhouse in Tennessee. This has led to a series of new bespoke projects and collaborations for residential and commercial spaces. Examples and offerings based on this expertise:

Conceptual Renderings 
Mood Boards and Space Visualization
User Experience Journey Mapping



Visualizing a home at a critical stage can set the project on an important journey. This shared vision can ignite the customer and inspire the architect and designers to see their plans come to life early in a project. 

Luxury as a Landscape Tale

These elegant homes craft timeless narratives to embrace their scenic surroundings.


A visual & conceptual partner


I train the models on your architectural drawings and your specific briefing. I interpret this input to create several visual expressions of the project to show your client. 


Each image is rendered in extraordinary detail and can be printed at photo-realistic quality in large sizes.


The words matter as much as the visuals do. The images created sit together with a tale of opportunity. Stories like this build in strength with each re-telling. A careful craft of client needs, architectural impact, and landscape will ensure a strong foundation for conceptual development and bring it to a successful outcome.

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My name is Dane Howard

I've spent over two decades in Silicon Valley designing digital products and services for Startups and Big Companies. I run a collaborative studio specializing in design and fine art for commercial and residential projects. I use generative AI and fine art to create projects for Fashion, Sports, Apparel, and Architecture.

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