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I am a re-emerging artist who has found my way back to continue a journey of creativity, design, and travel. I started painting in 1995, and find myself now returning to it in a more serious way.


I got distracted. Life happens. I'm now more diverse and interesting. My background as a husband, father, designer, executive advisor, and leader has shaped my perspective. I am returning to pursue my art and studio with more vigor and focus. I'm not (yet) ready to leave corporate life, but I enjoy the balance I find between tech and art. I like the tension and the variance of both mediums and the speed by which they evolve. I live and work in my modern farmhouse in Tennessee. It is my creative haven and workspace, where I bring ideas to life. Some of those ideas find their way here.


My previous experiences leading globally diverse teams and building products, services, and brands have taught me the importance of storytelling in connecting people and creating a shared purpose. I have worked with top industry leaders and brands such as Microsoft, BMW, and Amazon, and have received recognition for my design and marketing efforts. It's a peculiar foundation for a re-emerging artist.

I am also a photographer, author, speaker, and executive advisor. My book, The Future of Memories, explores the role of photography and storytelling to help shape our lives and our growing families. I am also a proud advisor to, which brings awareness to anti-bullying and promotes self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

I am driven by my passion for art and the power it holds to transform perspective, and culture and inspire change. I am eager to continue this path and share my story with others.

Please join me on this journey.


About My Art & Collaborations

My earlier, previous works have found their way into the hearts, homes, and galleries across the US and Europe. I've studied masters and painted alongside extraordinary artists and am grateful for their teachings. I also take on unique Projects in collaboration with industries across Apparel, Fashion, Sports, & Exhibit Design.


My style continues to evolve as I experiment and grow.


Solo Exhibitions

2005 “On the Edge” Calix Fine Art, Seattle, WA
2001 “Sonoma Landscapes” – Gap Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco, CA
2000 Cowboys and Angels Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2001 “The Little People” – Gap Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions

2006” Bedtime Stories ” LIMN Gallery , San Francisco, CA
2004“People, Places & Things” Calix Fine Art, Seattle, WA
2001 “Ten Young California Painters” Morseburg Galleries , West Hollywood, CA
2001 “The Pool Show” DNFA Gallery, Pasadena, CA
2001 “Fresh” – 525 Studios, Santa Monica, CA
2001 “Art at Scient” – SF MOMA, San Francisco, CA
2000 “Conveyance” – 525 Studios, Santa Monica, CA
1999 dfn Gallery – New York, NY
1997 Ruth Bachhofner Gallery. Santa Monica, CA
1997 Mendenhall Gallery. Pasadena, CA
1992 Alex’s. Phoenix, AZ
1992 Art Center College Student Gallery. Pasadena, CA

Juried Exhibitions

2001 “A Classic Competition” – Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, CA
1998 “Un Ange’ Passe” – Reynolds Gallery. Santa Barbara, CA

  • “1st Place, interpretation”

1998 Echoes & Visions II. Laguna Niguel, CA

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